1. General provisions

1.1. This Regulations defines the terms and conditions of using Aeroventic service.
1.2. The Regulations shall be made available free of charge at Aeroventic website in a form allowing Users, at any time, to access, record and store its content by printing out or saving on a drive.
1.3. Accepting the Regulations, a User confirms that read the Regulations and accepts all the provisions therein and undertakes to comply with them.

2. Definitions

The terms used therein shall be understood as follows:
Aeroventic - a service available over the Internet domain, mainly aimed at presenting products, comparing bidders’ products, run by Eanhunter a limited liability company with a registered office in Bydgoszcz at ul. Grunwaldzka 235, registered at the Court in Bydgoszcz, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS no (Court Registration No) 0000570528, REGON no (National Business Registry No) 362197670, NIP no (taxpayer identification no) 9671366359, contact details:
Address: Eanhunter Sp. z o.o., ul. Grunwaldzka 235, 85-438 Bydgoszcz,
USER - a natural person having the capacity to perform legal acts as well as a legal entity and organisational entity without legal personality but able to acquire rights and assume obligations on their own behalf using Aeroventic and/ or Services that accepted this Regulations,
BIDDER - a legal entity cooperating with Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. as part of Aeroventic under a written agreement, oral agreement or an order for advertising services that presents their services, products at Aeroventic,
PRODUCT - a new product offered by Bidders,
SERVICE - a service consisting of a particular activity to be carried out by Eanhunter Sp. z o. o. for the Bidder under a written agreement, oral agreement or an order raised by the Bidder,
PRODUCT QUERY - a question regarding a Bidder’s Product or Products presented at Aeroventic website raised by a User via an electronic form available at Aeroventic or by e-mail,
REGULATIONS - this document.

3. General terms and conditions of using Aeroventic service

3.1. Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. shall not sell products via Aeroventic and shall not be recognised as a party to a transaction but only an entity notifying about Bidders’ commercial offers.
3.2. A User may access Aeroventic website through devices connected to the Internet (computer, mobile devices) only through an appropriate browser. Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. stipulates that to take advantage of the full functionality of some of the services, it is indispensable to enable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, Java Script, Java, Flash as well as cookies in the User’s browser.
3.3. Aeroventic service allows Users to:
find information about Bidder’s Products,
raise a product query sent through electronic means to the Bidder,
3.4. Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. makes all efforts to ensure that information presented by Bidders at Aeroventic reflects the current state of facts, nevertheless cannot guarantee that. In order to verify the price, description, photo and Product availability, a User shall access directly the Bidder’s website that the particular offer originates from. In case of any doubts, a User shall contact directly the Bidder that placed the offer. Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. shall not be liable for any difference in Product price, description, photo in case the information presented at Aeroventic is not consistent with the Bidder’s website. get directly to the websites of Bidders being part of Aeroventic service.
3.5. A purchase transaction shall be concluded between the User and the Bidder under the terms and conditions defined by the Bidder and generally applicable provisions of law. Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. shall not be liable for the content of offers presented at Aeroventic by Bidders and for any potential purchase-sale transactions, in particular Enhunter Sp. z o.o shall not be liable
for the execution of agreement in compliance with the information presented at Aeroventic,
for the completion of an order placed at the Bidder,
under warranty, guarantee as well as for the Bidder’s performance, failure to perform or improper performance of a responsibility or responsibilities arising from Product purchase agreement or provisions of law,
for the quality, safety, legality of the Products (including copyrights to use the trademark, both word and figurative one, photos, descriptions and other media files) as well as veracity and accuracy of Product descriptions presented at Aeroventic by the Bidder and the Bidder’s capacity to sell them.

4. A product query

4.1. A query form or an e-mail sent to the Administrator shall be recognised as:
a User’s consent for the processing of their personal data for the purpose of the Service,
a User’s acceptance of the Regulations,
a User’s consent for sending their data, included optionally in the query, to the Bidder for the purpose of presenting an offer in response to the product query,

5. Privacy

a User’s consent to receive a response to the product query by e-mail or phone directly from the Bidder responsible for the Product.
5.1. Pursuant to the Act of 29th August 1997 on the protection of personal data (that is Journal of Laws of 2002, no 101, item 926 amended), Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. ul. Grunwaldzka 235, 85-438 Bydgoszcz is the administrator of personal data.
5.2. Users’ personal data shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29th August 1997 on the protection of personal data and the Act of 18th July 2002 on the provision of services through electronic means for the purpose of running Aeroventic service and in particular providing services, archiving, improving Aeroventic as well as for marketing purposes related to the services and products.
5.3. Aeroventic Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. shall pay special attention to the protection of Users’ privacy. Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. shall choose and apply with due diligence relevant technical and organisational means aimed at the protection of processed data. In particular, Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. shall protect data against the access by unauthorised third parties as well as against processing thereof in violation of the applicable provisions of law. Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. shall maintain continuous control over the data processing and shall as far as possible restrain access to data by giving access permission only when indispensable for the proper conduct of the service.
5.4. A Users’ consent as well as statutory authority allowing for data processing indispensable for the provision of services by Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. as part of Aeroventic service constitute the basis for processing personal data.
5.5. Users may browse Aeroventic without providing their identity and any personal data. Nevertheless, once they decide to provide their personal data, they are no longer anonymous Users. Providing personal data, a User agrees for their collection and use by Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. in the manner described therein, namely for the purpose of providing services by Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. as well as marketing activities related to the conduct of Aeroventic service as well as services and products presented at Aeroventic.
5.6. While using Aeroventic, a User may be asked to provide their personal data in particular when raising a product query.
5.7. Users data may be made available to entities authorised under applicable provisions of law.
5.8. Aeroventic service may use IP addresses obtained during Internet connections for technical purposes related to administering the servers. Apart from that IP addresses are used to collect general demographical statistics (e.g. of the region the connection comes from).
5.9. Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. informs that while browsing Aeroventic websites, “cookies” files are used by Aeroventic; this is small text information saved at the User’s computer allowing for adjusting services and contents to individual User’s needs and preferences as well as working out general statistics related to the use of Aeroventic by its Users. “Cookies” information collected by Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. is fully anonymous, not associated with any particular, identified User in any case. A User may at any time prevent cookies generation by selecting the corresponding option in the web browser. Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. hereby informs that if a User decides to disable “cookies”, using Aeroventic websites might appear to be more difficult and slower than normally.

6. Regulation on technical breaks in service operation

6.1. Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. makes all efforts to ensure proper and undisturbed operation of Aeroventic service. Nevertheless, occasional breakdowns and technical errors related to the device or software might occur. Each time, Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. endeavours as much as possible to limit the negative effect of technical problems.
6.2. For the purpose of improving the service and minimising the risk of breakdowns, periodical technical breaks when appropriate changes are made to the IT system are necessary. Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. takes all efforts to make the technical breaks possibly least cumbersome to the Users.
6.3. A situation when a considerable majority of Users cannot use the basic features of the service is recognised as a technical failure.

7. Claim procedure

7.1. A User may raise a claim related to the services provided by Aeroventic.
7.2. Claims shall be submitted in a written form, in the form of a registered letter sent to Eanhunter Sp. z o.o., ul. Grunwaldzka 235, 85-438 Bydgoszcz or by an e-mail sent to
7.3. A claim shall include information about the person raising it (name and surname, address, e-mail address) and a description of the event constituting the subject of the claim.
7.4. Claims shall be considered within 14 days from the date of receiving them by Eanhunter Sp. z o.o.
7.5. Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. reserves that claims related to the Product quality or defects that the Bidder is responsible for or undue fulfilment or failure to execute an agreement shall be directly sent to the Bidder that the Products come from and will not be considered by Eanhunter Sp. z o.o.

8. Final provisions

8.1. In case of any amendments to this Regulations, Eanhunter Sp. z o.o. shall notify Users thereabout at Aeroventic website. Amendments to this Regulations shall enter into force within 14 days from the date of having them posted at Aeroventic website by Eanhunter Sp. z o.o.
8.2. In case of matters not regulated by this Regulations, provisions of general Polish law shall apply.
8.3. Any disputes arisen between parties shall be settled by a competent common court.
8.4. This Regulations shall be effective from 1st January 2018.
Czym jest aeroventic?
  • Czym jest aeroventic?

    Aeroventic to międzynarodowe rozwiązanie dedykowane branży HVACR. Zostało zaprojektowane, aby stworzyć okazję zarówno dla producentów, jak i dystrybutorów do prezentowania swojej wartości biznesowej i produktów na całym świecie. Jeden system umożliwiający globalny zasięg.

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  • Wirtualny salon produktów

    To świetne miejsce na prezentację wszystkich produktów jednocześnie bez wysiłku. Każdy produkt jest wyposażony w opcję "Dodaj do zapytania", aby ułatwić klientom. Klient wysyła zapytanie bezpośrednio do Ciebie.

  • Aktualności, Kanał informacyjny

    Zasadniczo aeroventic jest odpowiednikiem targów offline, w których prezentujesz swoją firmę i produkty, dystrybuujesz katalogi, nawiązujesz kontakty i dbasz o widoczność swojej firmy w branży.

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Co z nami zyskasz?